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While I'm traveling, I will still be accessible by various means. I may be away from communications for weeks at a time, but I will respond to messages the next time I get access to a computer.


Urgent Messages: Email is the fastest option. Mail to and put "Urgent" in the subject line

Voice Mail:

(001) 415.820.7420
Fax: (001) 415.820.7420

Snail Mail:

Peter Birch
272 Cumberland St.
San Francisco, CA 94114 USA

Billing Address:

Peter R Birch
P.O. Box 118097
Henderson, NV 89077 USA

Vcard: Download Peter's vcard

FAQs About Contacting Me


If you write me email, please try to avoid including the original message in your reply. I can only read the first 1500 characters with my pocketmail device. For urgent messages, please keep it short!

How do you read your urgent email?

I carry a Pocketmail® device with me. This is a small electronic organizer, about 3" x 7". It has a small keyboard on it from which I can compose emails. It also contains an acoustic coupler which, when held up to a phone, sends and receives email from a server. This way, I can send and receive email whenever I'm near a phone. It uses special technology to allow transmission across any phone line. I still need to be near a phone, and I have to make an international call to retrieve messages, but I hope to check messages at least once a week. If you send messages to this address, please keep them short and to the point. I don't really want to pay $3.00/min to read Mrs. Fields' cookie recipe.

How do you read email from anywhere in the world?

I read my email using a web browser. It is almost identical to various free web-based services such as yahoo, but is a private service for my own domain. This service is hosted by (which is unreliable and I don't recommend.) I read mail by going to I am relying on internet cafes to read email. I am not bringing a laptop.

How do you check voice mail?

I use a web-based voice mail system, which allows me to check voice messages via the web without having to make a long distance phone call! Each message is saved as an audio attachment to an email. This is a great service provided free by I recommend them highly for email, voice mail and fax services.

How to you get your faxes?

I get faxes the same way I get my voice mails. Using, I get an email with a .gif version of the fax sent to my email box. This allows me to have a permanently active fax number, and I pick up my faxes once I get to a computer.

Why do you have a separate billing address?

Since I am going to be away from home for a long time, I need a way to deal with bills and other financial obligations while I'm gone. To do this, I pay for an online bill paying service, called Bills are sent directly to them; they then scan them and put the bills up on a web site My account is electronically linked to my bank account, so I can pay my bills the click of a button.

What is a vcard?

A vcard is an electronic business card. For applications which read them, all you have to do is load the vcard, without typing in all the details by hand. For more information, check out the Internet Mail Consortium's Personal Data Interchange site.

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