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Here are a few links that I think you might enjoy.

Web Tools/Services

- A great free email service. Not only do you get free email, you also get voice mail and fax, all in one place, and all for free! I use this service for my voice mail and fax access, and I have been very impressed.

- This site offers all sorts of tools for the webmaster. Guestbooks, bulletin boards, counters, email forms, etc. These features are used all over this site. I have been extremely pleased with their services, and whole-heartedly recommend them.

- This company offers a product which allows you to send and receive email over standard phone lines, without needing a computer or modem. I used my device extensively, to update my travel reports when I'm far from an internet cafe. I highly recommend their product for all travelers who want to stay connected with email.

Travel Resources

These sites provide various services to travelers, including on-line guides, places to store your own travelogues, and travel tips.

My personal links - This is a page where I keep my own links that I have been using to plan my trip, but they hopefully will be of use to others.

- Lonely Planet is a great place for travel information. Their traveler's bulletin board, the Thorn Tree is a great place to post questions for the traveler community. They also offer free email, inexpensive long distance service, and data vaults from their eKno site.

Journey Woman - This site was recommended to me as a great resource for women travelers- "The premier travel resource for women."

- IgoUgo is a site which provides a great place to either read other travelers' logs or to write your own. You even get rewards when people read your postings!

World is Round - This site has a great interface for saving and cataloging your travel photos. You can also look up other people's photos by location.

Travel Insights - This site is a repository for all things related to travel stories, including original stories as well as travel book reviews.

Travel Pod - This site also provides a great place to either host your own travelogue or read others' logs.

JK Publishing - Travel stories from novice/experienced authors. Profits go to grassroots development projects in the 'Developing World'.

Asia Travel Pictures and Links - This site invites visitors to guess where in Asia various photos have been taken, and also has a links page which has many great links for Asian travel.

Virtual Tourist - This is probably the largest "on-line guide book" site I've seen. It is great if you are looking for current tips for upcoming travels.

Travel Library - This site is a wonderful source for both travel tips and travelogues. Always a pleasure to visit.


These are travelogues from friends I've met along the way or links to directories of travelogues.

Yahoo Travelogues - Yahoo provides a short but well researched list of travelogues, including people canoeing, biking, kayaking, motorcycling, walking, or just adventuring around the globe. Coincidentally, it includes a link to Adventure Prone.

- Travel Hog has taken travel stories from all over the web and put them in one place, sorted by country and author. This is a great place to find an author you like.

Travel Library Directory - This index from the Travel Library has a long list of 'Round-The-World travelogues.

Phillip Greenspun - Phillip Greenspun is infamous for his photo journeys, and the stories he writes are wonderful. His site is also a popular stop for photographers.

Toshi's Page - This is the page of my friend Toshi, a Japanese cyclist who is on a three year bike tour of the world! We met in Ecuador. (This page isn't updated frequently.)

GoneWalkAbout - This is a great travel site from someone who also chronicled their travels on the web.

Hitch Hiking Around the World - This site is done by a couple who are hitch hiking their way around the world. Having done only short hitch hiking stints myself, I have great respect for anyone who can travel the whole way, one ride at a time! Who ever said that traveling had to be expensive or complicated?

Daryl's Domain - This is the site of a fellow traveler that I have been communicating with by email. He is following a similar path to me, including motorcycling through Mexico, Central and South America. Check his progress along the way.

Travel Stores

Here are some great sources for travel goods

- This is my favorite travel store, located in San Francisco. While you can't order over the web, if you're in SF, be sure to check them out.

Travel Smith - This is one of the best sources I've found for travel clothing and accessories. While many of the items cater more to business travelers than adventure travelers, there are still some good finds.

Walk About Travel - A little know place that has lots of good stuff, from power converters to water filters to soaps. I've been happy with my orders from them.


Cool Sites

Here are some other cool sites worth checking out

- This is the homepage for my friends' Spence and Amy's bar in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. They are gratiously hosting on their server. - This is a site with all sorts of great stuff, including personal essays, travel reports, and links to other great sites.

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