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28Feb - Lounging in Los Barriles, Baja CA Sur, MX

From: Peter Birch (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000, 12:03 PM PST

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    We've been hanging out here in Los Barriles for the past few days. Los
    Barriles is a windsurfing Mecca, and so I felt obligated to do some
    windsurfing. I sailed on Saturday, from 11:30 AM until the wind died and my
    harness broke, around 4:30 pm. (For those windsurfers out there, I was on
    everything from a 6.2 to a 4.2, but averaging 5.4. Onshore wind, choppy water
    similar to 3rd.) We have a great hotel right on the water. We can sit on the
    balcony and watch the palms sway gently in the breeze.

    When I haven't been sailing (no wind yesterday and today) I've been working on
    my bike and packing. When I left, I wasn't exactly ready, so I just threw my
    bike and all of my stuff together and took off. So over the past few days I
    have overhauled my drivetrain, replaced my brakes, rebuilt my wheels, and
    installed racks for my panniers. My stuff does indeed fit into my packs, but
    I'm not sure how heavy it is. I'm going to do a test run as soon as I get out
    of this internet cafe.

    I have promised a story with photos, but I had a few problems getting my email
    archive formatting to look right. So tonight or tomorrow, for sure :^)

    Tomorrow Mark, Trina, and Robert head back to SF. I plan on beginning my solo
    journey tomorrow as well, unless I run into problems.

    I hope everyone is well,


                 Peter Birch,

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