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29FEB - La Paz (again)

Date: Tue Feb 29 2000, 10:07 PM PST

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    Well, I am now officially solo. I left my friends this morning and did my first day of biking! I rode from Los Barriles to La Paz - 120 km of big hills, headwinds, and baking heat. Not only that, but I'm not exactly in shape at the moment. A couple more days like that, and I'll be able to ride anything.

    My bike weighs a @#$%^ ton. I made a few last minute additions that I now regret. I'll have to start jettisoning things to lighten the load. By the time I'm done, all I'll have left is my camera gear and my biking shoes.

    I made a stop in a town called Triunfo. By far the coolest place I've been so far; a small mostly abandoned mining town. I was the only gringo there, and I had a great time chatting with the locals. Unfortunately I spent a little too long there and so I didn't arrive in La Paz until sunset.

    Tomorrow is Carnival in La Paz. I am taking the ferry in the afternoon to Mazatlan, where Carnival goes on for another five days! Hopefully my next day of biking will have tailwinds, since I will be heading south.

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