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10 MAR - Somewhere near Izucar de Matamoros, MX

Date: Sat Mar 11 2000, 10:40 AM PST

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    Right now I'm camped at the side of the road, about 30km north of Azucar de Matamoros. I'm slowly making my way towards Oaxaca. Today I did 107km, yesterday closer to 70.

    The decision to go to Chalma yesterday was a bad one. It was only about 10 km out of the way, but the last 4km were straight up, including .5km of ~15% grade. I bonked (burnt out) on the way up. And when I got there - a total dump. Who knows why people make a pilgrimage there.

    Afterwards, I proceeded to get lost, even though I asked directions at every intersection. I ended up missing Cuernavaca, and taking a detour. I am now on the main road, so it should be pretty easy to find my way. I hope to make Oaxaca in four days.

    I got invited into a family's home for lunch today. It was great to eat home cooked food. Sure beats the canned tuna and mushy canned veggies I had for dinner. Seems like tuna is the only decent food I can find that doesn't require cooking. Just my I'll find a town that only sells canned olives.


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