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17 MAR - Oaxaca MX still

From: Peter Birch (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000, 12:40 PM PST

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    Happy St. Patty's Day. Not much going here in celebration, however. The way
    they act around here, you would think that they didn't even know it existed.

    I'm done lounging around in Oaxaca. I went to Monte Alban (another ancient
    ruin site) and it was very impressive. I've gotten my bike cleaned, picked up
    the stuff I sent from Mexico City, done laundry, rested my legs, and eaten
    lots of ice cream (mmmmm....Mexican chocolate.) In a couple of hours, I head
    to Tuxla, Chiapas by bus. From there, I hope to catch another bus to
    Palenque, where there is an impressive Mayan ruin site. I will hang around
    the area for a day or two, then begin the next big biking leg - San Cristobal
    De Las Casas to Antigua, Guatemala. It looks like this is going to be my
    general travel strategy - bike hard for a week, chill for a few days, take a
    bus to the next spot, chill for a day or so, then start over. I hope to be
    biking at least half the time, if not more.

    If this works, there should be a photo at the end of this message. I'm
    testing out if I can successfully put photos in my travel updates. This is a
    picture of the landscape around the Oaxacan valley.

    take care,



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