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20 MAR - Ocosingo, Chiapas MX

Date: Mon Mar 20 2000, 01:53 PM PST

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    Well, somehow I can't seem to get out of this town. I went to Palenque a couple of days ago to look at the Mayan ruins there (very impressive), and decided to drop by Aqua Azul on the way to San Cristobal. Agua Azul is a beautiful series of cascades, each feeding into a natural pool of blue water. You can swim in any of the pools. I tried to catch the late bus to San Cristobal, but I missed it, so the best I could do was get a ride here, to Ocosingo. It's a funky little town, which has some of the most impressive and least well known Mayan ruins around. This town used to be a center for much of the fighting in the Zapatista uprising in '94, but things are pretty quiet now, except for the huge Mexican military presence.

    I keep missing the bus out of town, but now I have a ticket for one leaving at 4:15. I'll spend tonight in San Cristobal De Las Casas, then start biking tomorrow for the Guatemalan border.


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