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26 MAR - Nebaj, Guat.

Date: Sun Mar 26 2000, 04:37 PM PST

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    What I wouldn't give for my suspension fork and knobby tires right now. Two days on steep doubletrack with potholes, ruts, rocks, and lots of loose, dry dirt. On the ride into town yesterday, I blew up three tire tubes in the course of an hour. I only had one spare, so I had to try and fix snakebitten tubes (pinch flats). They barely lasted long enough for me to limp into the next town and buy new ones. Everything on my bike has now been thoroughly shake tested. If I didn't lose a pannier in all that, they're not going anywhere.

    I decided to take a bus to Nebaj, since it was 20 km straight up on dirt track, with buses whizzing by, with no clearance and a sheer dropoff on one side. Tomorrow morning I get up at 4 and head back to Sacapulas, then on to Lake Atitlan. I will probably be in Guatemala another 8 days or so. I really enjoy it here.

    Phone access has been nearly non-existent (not to mention internet access) so updates will be more difficult.


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