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2 APR - Copān, Honduras

From: Peter Birch (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000, 05:30 PM PDT

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    I am now in Honduras, in the town of Copān. I crossed the border just
    before sunset. My cold has been reduced to a nagging cough, so riding
    isn't too bad. The roads, however, leave a lot to be desired. It
    appears that Guatemala is reconstructing all of its highways. I had
    more heavy equipment dodging to do. The roads on the Honduran side are
    bad - more mountain biking.

    I arrived in Chiquimula last night after taking a bus from Antigua. I
    arrived in town with 28 quetzales to my name (about $4). I had to stay
    in the bottom of the barrel hotel so that I would have Q15 left for a
    hot dog and a drink for dinner. Today is Sunday, so all the banks are
    closed. I had to wander all over town trying to find Marcell, the guy
    who sells hats and also changes money on Sundays. I eventually found

    I am going to the Copān ruins tomorrow, and then I may start biking
    again, or I may wait a day. I plan on riding to Teguchigalpa.


                       Peter Birch,
                  Professional Man of Leisure, San Francisco, CA

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