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4 APR - Santa Rosa De Copan, Honduras

Date: Fri Apr 07 2000, 05:01 PM PDT

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    Am I tired. Whenever I ask someone if there is going to be any climbing on a given route, they usually say it's downhill, and inevitably it is uphill. Today everyone agreed that it was all uphill, and they weren't kidding. What they didn't mention is that there would be no water or food for 30k. I had to ride about 15k with no water, with only cheese puffs to eat. I eventually found a drainage pipe for a water source.

    I just ate three separate dinners, (costing almot *five* times what my hotel room cost.) I am now stuffed, rehydrated, and ready for sleep.

    Yesterday I met my first fellow biker, a Spaniard (hi Jorge!) who is biking from Chile to Mexico. We crashed on the floor of a kind local's house, and swapped travel info. He also helped me fix the calibration on my camera lens using a piece of a flattaened plastic coke bottle.


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