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9 APR - Leon, Nicaragua

From: Peter Birch (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000, 07:46 AM PDT

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    Travel tip #3 - If you are buying a bivy sack, in addition to checking if it
    is waterproof and mosquito proof, check to see if it is biting-ant proof.

    Travel tip #4 - One word: Loctite. Don't leave home without it.

    I found a cure for my overheating problems: 30kt headwinds. Unfortunately,
    they have brought my progress to a crawl. There are better ways to stay cool.

    I was supposed to meet up with someone yesterday, but he never showed, so I
    headed on to Leon. A nice town. They sell eskimo pies here, a major weakness
    of mine.

    Tomorrow, Managua.


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