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10 APR - Managua, Nicaragua

From: Peter Birch (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000, 07:55 AM PDT

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    Thiefs here don't come very bright. Stealing a wallet is one thing, but a
    loaded touring bike? That seems a little ambitious.

    I was riding down a major, well lit street in Managua looking for a hostel,
    and two guys came out from a wooded area and jumped me. I saw them at the
    last second, and realizing I wasn't going to get away, made a dash for the
    middle of the road and dumped the bike. One had a bat-sized stick (would that
    be a log?) and the other had a knife. The one with the stick started
    repeatedly beating me on the head, but seeing as I was wearing a bike helmet,
    I barely felt a thing. That allowed me to focus on the one with the knife,
    who was vigorously slashing as he tried to make off with my bike. Now I don't
    think these guys knew what they were in for. My bike weighs in a just under
    100 lbs, and is not exactly a snatch and run type item. He slashed at my arm,
    while I kept him from getting the bike off its side. Within 30 seconds or so,
    another wave of traffic arrived, and seeing as I was standing in the middle of
    the road, stopped. A few last ditch whacks and slashes, and they bolted. I
    then walked my bike down the middle of the road, cars behind, until I got to
    the traffic light. I grabbed the next taxi out of there.

    All kidding aside, I'm fine. I have road rash on my hip, a skinned knee, and
    a bruised shoulder from laying down the bike, but the knife cut I got is
    almost embarrassing to mention. Even now, only a few hours later, I can
    barely tell where it is. No worse than a cat scratch.

    I have all my stuff, and the only real damage is my helmet. The manufacturer
    recommends replacing the helmet after an accident. I assume the same applies
    for being bludgeoned.

    Tomorrow, Granada, a much nicer city.

    Nicaragua is definitely not winning a lot of points with me.


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