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27 APR - Cartegena, Colombia

From: Peter Birch (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000, 08:02 PM PDT

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    Well, I FINALLY made it out of Panama. I never thought I would get out of
    that town. I had to wait until Mon. to even try to book a ticket, and then
    all flights were full until Wed. The flight to Cartegena was the first flight
    out I could find.

    Cartegena is a nice, quite town on the northern coast, free from all the
    Guerrilla activity. Tomorrow I am heading towards Santa Marta, also on the
    northern coast. It should take me two days. After that, I will have to
    assess where to go. I will probably have to fly again, since the buses arenīt
    all that safe here.

    I canīt wait to get back on my bike. I have been sitting around for far too
    long. My glove tan marks are even starting to fade.

    Colombia so far has been very nice. Very nice people. The only problem has
    been access to ice cream. I have yet to find any. How am I expected to live
    in conditions like this?


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