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7 MAY - Quito, Equador

From: Peter Birch (
Date: Sun May 07 2000, 06:34 PM PDT

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    There are many things one can do to prepare for a world journey, but one thing
    you can't prepare for is one's own stupidity.

    I found my wallet the day after I went to all the effort to have everything
    cancelled. It was hidden inside one of my packs. I didn't think to look
    there since, well, why on earth would I put it there?

    Anyway, my faith in mankind has been restored, and my doubts about my own
    sanity renewed. At least I managed to stop them from cancelling my credit

    I arrived in Equador today. The bus trip from the border town of Tulcán,
    where I spent last night, was amazing. The highlands of Northern Equador are
    spectacular. The Andes have arrived, and they are impressive. Sharp peaks
    and sheer cliffs, but still lush and green.

    I am currently just south of the Equator, but it is raining and freezing cold.
     It's amazing what a little altitude can do. I will attempt to take some
    pictures of Quito tomorrow, weather permitting, then start biking my way down
    through Equador starting Tuesday. My lungs still haven't fully recovered, and
    I don't think all the diesel has helped. Hopefully the fresh air of all the
    mountains will help.


                 Peter Birch,

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