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9 MAY - Near Machachi, Ecuador

From: Peter Birch (
Date: Sat May 13 2000, 01:27 PM PDT

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    How did I end up in Seattle? The skies are grey, it is always raining, and it
    is cold! It looks like I am going to have to deal with rain for the
    indefinite future. It has been raining off and on since Colombia, and I don't
    expect it to end anytime soon. This isn't your normal tropical rain, where it
    is sunny all day except for a half hour deluge. Consequentially, I have been
    riding in the rain a lot. Today was lots of climbing in cold rain.

    Right now I am camped in a forest, off to the side of the road. I decided to
    not go the extra 10km to get to the next town. I've kind of missed sleeping
    outdoors, having opted against it in Nicaragua and Colombia. Too bad I
    decided to camp after passing all the stores. I'll just have to eat a big

    I am on my way to Cuenca, which on the map looks like it can't be over 400km
    away, but everyone says it is more like 800.


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