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16 MAY - Cuenca, Ecuador

From: Peter Birch (
Date: Tue May 16 2000, 10:20 AM PDT

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    My time in Ecuador is coming to an end. I'm in Cuenca at the moment, a
    beautiful colonial city, but this afternoon, I start making my way to the
    border by bus. The weather is finally agreeable, with sunny blue skies. I
    hope this trend continues as I head to Peru. I am going to take buses,
    planes, whatever it takes to get to Lima ASAP, then start working my way up
    the Andes (most likely with a little bus help.)

    I've managed to lose my guidebook, so I'm kind of flying blind at this point.
    Not that I was really using it, but the city maps sure came in useful. I
    spent an hour last night riding the streets of Cuenca looking for a hostel,
    any hostel, in which to stay. I ended up finding a wonderful place. A little
    pricey at US$6, but the nicest place I've been in since Baja.

    My time in Riobambas gave me the opportunity to completely rebuild my camera
    lens, which was pretty much on it's deathbed. It now seems to be working
    fine. We'll see what the pictures end up looking like. Something tells me
    I've probably violated the warranty by this point - I don't think using epoxy,
    a file, and sandpaper is considered normal wear and tear.

    Speaking of repairs, one of my tooth fillings seems to have cracked, so last
    night I used my temporary dental cement and jeweler's screwdrivers to do a
    temporary filling. Always repairing something...


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