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31 MAY - Ilave, Peru

Date: Wed May 31 2000, 04:36 PM PDT

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    I've started my journey to Copacabana, Bolivia. I am currently 60km from Puno, which I left at 2:30 today. I am in a small town called Ilave, elevation 3850m (about 11,500 ft.) It is COLD. I was told that it was a few degrees below freezing. I am currently wearing everything I own, including gloves and hat, and I'm still cold. The hostal I'm in only has cold water, so there is no way I am getting anywhere near the shower.

    I've entered the Altiplano, which literally means high and flat, which is exactly right. 11,000ft and nothing but wheat fields and alpaca.

    Off to find a hot meal and a cup of coffee...


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