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9 JUN - Alota, Bolivia

Date: Sat Jun 10 2000, 11:53 AM PDT

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    We are almost done with the Uyuni tour. This is our last night, in a "town" called Alota. It appears they may actually have a phone here, so I thought I'd try and send an update.

    Today, we hit about 4900m, and we passed through various snow-capped mountains. In the tour over the past three days, we have been to a giant salt flat, high Andean lakes filled with flamingos, a lake colored bright red, bizzare rock formations, all high in the Altiplano.

    I have met a great group of people over the past few days, spending every night crammed in the same small room together. A big hello to Andy, Catherine, Charlotte, Claire, Vince, and Haley.

    Tomorrow we head back into Uyuni, where I will travel by train and bus back to La Paz, where my bike is happily resting.


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