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7 NOV - Lagos, Portugal

Date received: Tue Nov 07 2000, 10:08 AM PST

I made it back to Lagos, safe and mostly sound. Today was also rough, with rain for much of the time. It is hard riding around on these cobblestone streets on wet, one lane, steep roads of these tiny villages. Some of them are hard to walk up, let alone ride up.

When I went to get up this morning, I noticed a giant hole in the fender; apparently, the lock that I had strapped to the back of the bike slid back and was just behind the tailpipe, and the exhaust heated it up, and it melted all the way through the fender. Oops!

It was quite an interesting few days. A bit more difficult than expected, but I suppose riding in pouring rain in unknown parts on a bike that has various mechanical problems doesn't help. At least I got to see Lisbon, which was very beautiful.

I decided to just stay in Lagos today, so that I could warm up, do laundry, and take care of some errands. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Sevilla again, then down to Tarifa to check out the windsurfing scene.


-Peter Birch


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