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22 NOV - Boumalne du Dades, Morocco

Date received: Fri Nov 24 2000, 03:00 PM PST

After going back through Marrakech, I am now about six hours east of there. I am making my way over to the desert, but I wanted to stop by an area known as Dades Gorge. It is supposed to be very beautiful.

I've had a very bad day, photographically speaking. First, I noticed that the ASA setting on my camera is wrong, and I've incorrectly exposed many rolls of film. Luckily, I haven't had them processed yet, so I can have it corrected in the lab. Among all the whiz-bang features in my camera, the one that will save me is that it stores data from every roll shot, so I'll know which ones need fixing.

I also saw the most beautiful sunset, with the red rock lighting up like fire, but I was stuck in a cab and couldn't get a shot.

Tomorrow, I'll do a day trip to the gorge, then try to come back and catch the sunset.


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