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17 DEC - Cerbere, France

Date received: Mon Dec 18 2000, 06:52 AM PST

I've finally made it out of Spain. I'm in the border town of Cerbere right now, and I've just missed the train, so I'm stuck here for a few hours. I plan on going to Montpellier for the evening, then catching a night train to Chamonix. I have a friend there who I'll stay with for a couple of days.

The last couple of days have been wild, both good and bad. My last night in Barcelona, we found a great nightclub, and went out dancing until 6am. On the way home, some guy tried to pickpocket me, but I caught him in the act. He left in a huff, but a few seconds later, he or one of his friends jumped me from behind. I fought him off, but soon three more showed up, all Moroccans, one with a knife. Time to flee. I ran, heading towards the door of my hostel. Luckily, I chose a hostel that has no curfew. I frantically rang the buzzer, and the receptionist immediately stuck his head out the window and yelled a few choice expressions in Arabic, and they fled.

Yesterday, I went to Figueres, home of the Dali Museum. The museum was nice, but the town was not. I spent three hours looking for a hostel. Finally, I met a couple of other travelers, and we all found a place.


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