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22 DEC - Geneva, Switzerland

Date received: Fri Dec 22 2000, 12:00 PM PST

There is one word to describe Switzerland: expensive. It's a good thing I'm only here for a day. Geneva is a nice city, but nothing outrageous: lots of people milling about Christmas shopping, lots of expensive shops, and a transportation system that makes San Francisco's look, well, pathetic (not hard to do.) Not only do the trains run on time, but the buses actually show up on time. Maybe SF should try and buy whatever magical agent it is they use to prevent the bus "clumping" problem.

I'm here because my flight to London leaves from here tomorrow morning. Strangly, my flight was cheap. I'll probably spend more on the shuttle getting to the airport.

Tomorrow, I will head down to Cornwall, England, where I will spend Christmas with my relatives.


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