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7 JAN - Rome, Italy

Date received: Sun Jan 07 2001, 03:00 PM PST

My friends Doug and Arthur both headed back home, and I headed straight to Rome, in order to catch a friend I met back in Bolivia before he runs off to Armenia. We had dinner this evening, and he flies out tomorrow.

Most likely, I will stay in Rome for a few days and check out all the sights. Hopefully I won't be needing the services of the US embassy, since it is currently closed because of a bomb threat. Another good time to be British, I believe.

I've been doing a good job of sampling gelato since I've been in Italy, and so far, the best offerings have been in Florence. The food has been pretty good as well, although everything is expensive. Italy is probably the most expensive place I've been other than England and Switzerland. I look forward to getting to Africa to slow my cash burn rate.


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