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12 APR - Kabale, Uganda

Date received: Thu Apr 12 2001, 10:10 AM PDT

Greetings from Kagale. Just today, I have returned from Mgahinga Park,
where I went gorilla tracking. It is obscenely expensive (US$175,) but the
proceeds go to protecting the gorillas (there are only about 600 in the
world, and all live near here) and in the final analysis, it was well worth
it. After about two hours of crouching and squeezing through a bamboo
forest, we found them. Absolutely amazing. There is nothing quite like
the feeling when you stare straight into the eyes of a gorilla. They are
wonderful animals.

From here on out, things are going to get rough. I am planning on meeting
my friend Emily (who was working in S. Africa) in Malawi in about 10 days,
but it's not clear I can make it in that amount of time. From here on out,
transportation becomes infrequent, excruciatingly slow, unreliable, and
perhaps non-existent. My plan it to go to Kigoma, and take the boat down
Lake Tanganyika, and cut across to Malawi. If things don't work out, I
will have to either go back through Uganda/Kenya, or perhaps take the
railway from Kigoma to Dar es Salam. The odds of me seeing another foreign
traveler or an international telephone that I can send messages back with
is slim to none for the next 10 days, so don't assume I'm dead if I don't
post for the next week or two.



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