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21 APR - Mpulungu, Zambia

Date received: Sun Apr 22 2001, 08:04 AM PDT

I've made it to Zambia. Barely. The boat broke down halfway through, and so we floated for about five hours while they worked on repairs. We blew a hose and an O-ring in the hydrolic system, and they didn't have any spare parts. But some innertube rubber, a bunch of hose clamps, and a little luck and they somehow got things back in order.

The most facinating part of the journey was whenever we got into port; there wasn't a pier, so the ship stayed in the middle of the lake, and small boats would come out to shuttle people and cargo. For some reason, it was always a panic, with people yelling and jockying for the best position next to the boat.

I tried to get a bus out of here to Lusaka, but it doesn't leave 'till tomorrow morning. Another day of waiting.


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