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11 MAY - Harare, Zimbabwe

Date received: Tue May 15 2001, 01:50 PM PDT

Given our current schedule, we aren't going to have time to go to Victoria Falls, so we are going to head straight to Cape Town, where Emily's flight leaves from. I'm tagging along since South Africa is the only place on the continent where I'll be able to buy a digital camera, and they will have decent internet access, so I can update my website and do more research for my next travel leg.

We have booked tickets for a two day bus trip, which won't be too bad since the buses are quite luxurious by African standards. Due to the black market exchange rate for Zim dollars (120/USD vs. the official rate of 60) we are getting our bus tickets for almost half of the normal fare; only US$50 for two days of travel! We leave tonight, and we will arrive in Cape Town on the 13th.

We went to the pharmacy to try to buy some sleeping pills to make the trip more bearable, but all they had was valium. Looks like the trip will be a lot shorter than we expected!


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