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6 JUN - Cape Town, South Africa

Date received: Wed Jun 06 2001, 03:02 PM PDT

Believe it or not, I am leaving this town. My camera finally arrived on Monday, and ready or not, I am getting out of here. I have a ticket for a 9:20 train tomorrow morning to Johnannesburg. From there, I will go directly to Buluwayo, Zimbabwe, then to Victoria Falls. My current plan is to stay in Vic Falls for a few days, and then decide if I go to Zambia to watch the total eclipse on the 21st.

This town is really hard to leave; it feels a lot like home here. I am spending way too much money, and spending my time going out on the town. I look forward to traveling again.

My camera is here, so I will soon be updating my site with more pictures again, after a long blackout. Hopefully I won't destroy this one.


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