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13 JUN - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Date received: Wed Jun 13 2001, 09:00 AM PDT

I'm back in Zimbabwe. Vic Falls is a rather touristy place, but I don't plan on being here long. I have two goals: to see the falls, and to arrange transport to the Solipse festival in Zambia for the eclipse. I'll probably pass on the various adrenelin activities on offer.

On my way here, I stopped off in Bulawayo, and had a great time camping in the Motopos, a park which is full of strange, rocky formations. It reminds me very much of Joshua Tree National Monument in California. I ended up running into a school group while I was in the park, and not only did they give me a lift back to town, they also let me tag along for a few hours and get to join in on the sightseeing.

It's nice to be in Zimbabwe again, but leaving South Africa does have it's disadvantages. For one, I can't seem to find a computer that works, so I haven't been able to update my site.

I should be in Vic Falls/Livingston for the next few days.


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