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11 JUL - Athens, Greece

Date received: Wed Jul 11 2001, 04:57 PM PDT

I seem to be retracing my steps. I'm now back in Athens, reversing my earlier Athens->Cairo flight, unfortunately at much greater cost. This flight cost me US$200. Hopefully, that will be the last flight for quite a while.

My friend Daryl and I are here to go motorcycle shopping. The selecion here is stunning. I saw more bikes in the first hour here than there probably are in the entire Middle East. We have been able to gather information just by walking the streets and looking at bikes. Tomorrow we start to investigate the paperwork side.

It is strange being here in high season. Last time I was here it was pretty dead. Now it is raging. At some point, when I am waiting for paperwork to clear, I hope to head to one of the islands for some partying and sunning. My goal is to get out of here as soon as possible, though, so there won't be too much hanging around.


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