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11 SEP - San Francisco, USA

Date received: Tue Sep 11 2001, 07:49 AM PDT

Yes, I'm still here. And given the current state of Armageddon going on in the US today, I find it unlikely that my new flight scheduled for this afternoon will be leaving anytime soon.

I was supposed to leave on Sunday. However, as Saturday night faded into Sunday morning, my possessions were still scattered about the house, my bike was in pieces, and I still had a long list of errards to run. Even without a sleep deprived mind, there was no way to pull it off, and given the fact that I could barely think straight, I decided to change my flight. My flight is open ended, and I easily managed to reschedule for the next available flight, which was today.

I am now more or less packed and ready to go, but somehow I find it unlikely that my flight will be leaving as scheduled, or even leaving at all.


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