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19 OCT - Madrid, Spain

Date received: Thu Oct 19 2000, 09:57 AM PDT

I arrived in Madrid last night, but after all the chaos of rushing to the
airport in London, I wasnt really in the mood to hit the town. I really like
the vibe here in Spain. I spent the day just decompressing; going from cafe
to cafe, relaxing and writing. It is very freeing to not have to be anywhere
at any particular time. So for now, Im going to hang out in Madrid, probably
for a few days, then start making my way down south.

Spain may not be cheap compared to Latin America, but it isnt bad. Im
running at about $25-$30/day here, not counting any trains Ill be taking. It
is great to be using my Spanish again. Strangely, I almost feel more at home
here in Spain than I did in London. Must be that all the kids in the hostel
were making me feel very old!


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