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26 OCT - Sevilla, Spain

Date received: Sat Oct 28 2000, 09:00 AM PDT

I finally made it out of Còrdoba. I was supposed to leave yesterday, but I had met a lot of friends in the youth hostel, and it was hard to leave. I took an afternoon bus to Sevilla, and before I even set foot in Sevilla, I had met another friend (Hi Alpha,) and weŽve been hitting the tourist sites in Sevilla. Sevilla is the cultural capital of the state of Andalucia, and has some major structures, including the Alcazar and the main Cathedral, which looms over the entire city.
Sevilla is the birthplace of bullfighting and flamenco dancing, so tonight weŽll head out to see some dancing at a bar recommended by a Danish friend.
IŽll probably stay here through the weekend.


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