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4 NOV - Sagres, Portugal

Date received: Sun Nov 05 2000, 03:55 AM PST

After two weeks of relatively adventure-free travels in Europe, things have taken a noticeably more adventurous turn.

I decided I wanted to get away from the party scene of Lagos for a bit, so I rented a motorcycle for three days to check out the less traveled spots. In the first hour, I had my first mishap: the battery died on the bike. Luckily I was pretty close to the rental place, so they came over and fixed it.

Not so lucky the second time. I went off-roading to line up the perfect sun-setting-behind-lighthouse shot, and as I was setting up the tripod, I noticed a trickling sound. Turns out my fuel line severed, and I was leaking fuel. I was well off the road, and it was getting dark. Luckily, an old Portuguese fisherman came by in a truck, and we managed to lift the bike (no small feat) into the bed.

I got dropped off in town, and now I'm sitting in a hostal waiting for tomorrow. Unfortunately, tomorrow is Sun, and everywhere will be closed, and I'm a long way from Lagos.

We'll see what happens...


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