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2 NOV - Lagos, Portugal

Date received: Thu Nov 02 2000, 04:29 AM PST

Since I was so close to Portugal, I figured it was worth a side trip to get a taste of Portugese life. I'm in a small town on the SW coast named Lagos. The weather has turned bad on me, as it is drizzling today.

I will probably spend a day or two here, then work my way to the western coast before heading back to Spain. It is strange being in a country where I can not speak the language; it has been a while. But between Spanish and English, things are still pretty easy.

I'm staying in the youth hostal here, but I got put in a room with drunk, obnoxious Germans, so I switched rooms. I also met up with a couple from the US, so I continue to meet people almost continuously. Today I think I'll just chill out on my own for a bit and wait out the weather.


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