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26 NOV - Merzouga, Morocco

Date received: Tue Nov 28 2000, 12:48 PM PST

It is a long trip from Todra to Merzouga, just in case anyone is interested. I had to take a seemingly endless string of connecting "buses," which were actually large vans with 30 people crammed in like clowns in a VW bug. The sheep had to ride up top. I only made it as far as Rissani, where I just gave up and paid for a cab for the last 40km. I got up at 7am, and didn't get into Merzouga until about 8pm. I shared dinner with everyone who was in the taxi, who seemed to be along for the ride.

The appeal of Merzouga is the desert; supposedly beautiful sand dunes. It is nighttime, so I can't tell a sand dune from the side of a truck right now. I am, however laying on the roof of the hotel in my sleeping bag, staring at the starts. It seems like a very quiet place to be.


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