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29 NOV - Rissani, Morocco

Date received: Tue Nov 28 2000, 01:01 PM PST

Rissani is a pretty horrible place to be. Everyone just hassles me here, trying to be "my friend" and lead me to some shop or another.

I am stuck here for a few hours, waiting for an overnight bus to take me to Fes, one of the big cities. I think it is time for me to head back to Spain, so I am working my way back up.

Yesterday and today, I went out into the desert for a tour. On camelback and all. A touristy thing for sure, but still spectacular. It was just me, two camels, and a... camelhearder?

The dunes are truly amazing. Giant golden sand dunes which go on for many kilometers, with near razor sharp edges from the blown wind. I hiked to the top of the biggest one (250m high, I believe) and slept on top, so that I could watch the sunrise. Yes, believe it or not, I've been getting up before sunrise every day for the past four days. I hope the photos I took are as good as the ones I took with my digital camera. As soon as I can get good access to a computer, I'll work on uploading images from Spain and Morocco. There are some great ones.


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