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28 DEC - London, England

Date received: Fri Dec 29 2000, 03:08 AM PST

Well, I got a white Christmas, although slightly belatedly. This morning there was about 2" of snow all over London! The sun was even out in the morning. It was very beautiful. Unfortunately, it almost never snows in England, so when it does, everything comes to a grinding halt.

I am currently in the Stanstead airport, still waiting for my flight to Prague. The flight was supposed to leave at 3:40, but now it is scheduled for 6:15. That was very fortunate, actually, because I didn't get to the airport until 4. The train from London to the airport was late and then stopped running two stations short of the airport. I had to get off and take a local bus, which delayed me about 45 minutes. The airport was shut down for 6 hours this morning so they could clear the runways, so everything else has been delayed as a result.


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