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29 DEC - Prague, Czech Republic

Date received: Fri Dec 29 2000, 03:15 AM PST

Prague is a beautiful city. I really wish I had more time here. But I've decided to spend New Years in Budapest, so I need to get moving. I plan on taking the night train this evening.

Prague is probably one of the most visually impressive cities I've ever been in; countless spires, domes, and clocktowers, with the Vltava river running through the middle.

My flight last night didn't leave until after 8, and I didn't get into Prague until midnight. The Stanstead airport is the worst airport design I've ever seen; once you go to the gate, you are stuck there, with no way back to the main terminal. I had decided to go to the gate to get the latest flight information, and ended up having to wait there for four hours, with no food and no money.


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