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25 FEB - Cairo, Egypt

Date received: Mon Feb 26 2001, 08:14 AM PST

Today was a tourist day; I went to see the Great Pyramids of Giza. It is strange seeing something who's image is so ingrained all over the world. They are indeed spectactular, although smaller than I originally thought they would be.

In the past couple of days, I've had great luck on my motorcycle hunt; In the last hour of searching yesterday, I located two shops which have great possibililty. The second seems most promising. Besides having a decent selection of bikes, they also know how to import bikes to avoid paying the Egyptian import tax. The way all of these taxes work, you normally pay an import tax when bringing something into a country. Since I will be leaving the county with the bike, there is no reason I should have to pay (the tax is about US$1000.)

The overall impression of Cairo was great. It is one of the safest, most mellow big cities I've been too. I was only hassled when I went to the pyramids. All other times, people were genuinely friendly and helpful. Every time I went anywhere near public transportation, there was someone there anxious to help me find my way. It was a great side trip.

Tonight, I head on a plane to Nairobi. I am really looking forward to getting out into the natural parks; I think I have been in the cities too much lately.


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