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26 FEB - Nairobi, Kenya

Date received: Mon Feb 26 2001, 08:21 AM PST

I've made it to Nairobi. My flight was a redeye, but with losing an hour, I only got a few hours of sleep. I also think I am coming down with a cold, so today was a sleep day; I just started venturing out this evening.

Nairobi seems like a fairly mellow place; people are friendly, and it is very western. There doesn't seem to be much to see, so I'll probably try to get out of here soon. Tomorrow, I will make some decisions about various safari's, etc. that I might do. I really want to go out and see some animals, but I can't really afford to pay the tourist prices for everything, especially since I am budgeting to go climb Kilimanjaro, which is a very expensive undertaking. I'll probably do a few day trip in Masai Mora (a wildlife park bordering the Serengetti) and then move on to Lake Victoria.


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