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7 MAR - Nairobi, Kenya

Date received: Fri Mar 09 2001, 07:17 AM PST

I'm now back from safari, and my plans have changed significantly. I was supposed to be back a couple of days ago, but I decided to extend my tour a couple of days and go to Samburu park. That made for 7 days of safari, which is a lot to endure. I can't really stand being driven around all the time, being treated so much like a tourist. But I got to see so many animals; a leopard cub playing with it's mother's tail, lions mating, a pack of lions feeding on a zebra, tons of elephants, zebras, etc etc. Too many to describe here. I also went to a lake called Nakuru that reminded me of the lakes in Bolivia, full of flamingos.

I am changing the order of my climbing plans. Tomorrow I am going to Tanzania and climbing Kilimanjaro, with an Argentian woman I met here. I then hope to head back north and climb Mt. Kenya. I'll be out of contact for the next week or so.


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