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17 APR - Kigoma, Tanzania

Date received: Tue Apr 17 2001, 03:42 AM PDT

I finally made it. I also finally have limited internet access, so I can send my updates from the past few days.

Through a series of miracles, I am not only here a day early, but the boat is actually running on schedule! I leave tomorrow for Mpulungu, in the north of Zambia, traveling the length of Lake Tanganyika. The boat arrives on the 20th. From there, I have to take a very roundabout route to Lilongwe; I need to go all the way to Lusaka, then cut back up into Malawi. It is the longest route by distance, but the most reliable and probably fastest. I should be in Lilongwe on the 22nd.

Yesterday was absurdly long. I started the day by finding a ride to Kisulu. There were about 20 of us in a Land Rover. I was on the outside, standing on the bumper, for the entire journey.6 hours! Then I hopped on the bus to Kigoma, which sat idling for two hours, but never actually left. I then found a Land Rover which was going. The road was horrible, and we had to stop to find the fuel line every hour or so, but we eventually made 9pm.


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