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16 FEB - Sparta, Greece

Date received: Fri Feb 16 2001, 11:18 AM PST

I knew that by going to Greece in the winter I was going to miss the season for basking on the beach and staring at scantily-clad women in bikinis, but this is a bit absurd. It snowed yesterday, and while it's been sunny today, it is *cold.* The bus trip from Olympia crossed over the mountains, and it's too bad I didn't see it all by day, because I'm sure all the snow would have made for great scenery. All around here are snow-capped mountains.

Today I went to Mystras, an old Byzantine ruins just outside Sparta. At only about 500 years old, it seems modern compared to the ruins in Olympia. The town of Sparta doesn't have much to offer, so I've been just sitting around. There don't seem to be any other travelers in town, so I've just been hanging out doing things like sending emails.

I still haven't decided if I am going further south, or if I am just going to start going directly to Athens. In any event, I will be in Athens soon.


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