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1 APR - Mbale, Uganda

Date received: Wed Apr 04 2001, 05:08 AM PDT

A successful exit from Nairobi. I took an all night bus, which arrived here in Mbale at 9 this morning. The trip was quite uneventful, as bus trips go. The border crossing was straightforward, and they let me out of Kenya without paying US$50 for a visa. It helps to deal with mellow border officials who don't want to deal with the hassle either.

The feel in Uganda is noticibly different. It is very calm and the people are wonderful.

As soon as my minivan is full, I am heading to Sipi Falls, which is supposedly one of the nicest places in Uganda. I don't have much Ugandan currency, so I'll be back here in a day or two, then I'll head to Jinga.


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