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28 JUN - Johannesburg, South Africa

Date received: Thu Jun 28 2001, 02:27 PM PDT

It wasn't a pleasant journey, but at least I made it to Jo'burg. I was forced to take a series of mini-buses for most of the 18 hour journey, with my baggage on my lap and people crammed in next to me. It ended up being faster that I thought; I was expecting to not get in until very late at night, but instead I got in before sunset, a good thing in crime-ridden Jo'burg.

Right now, I am staying with Karen and Damian, a couple who learned of my travels on the web and kindly invited me to stay with them. Damian and his brother are going on a similar motorcycle journey next year, so we're comparing notes.

I'm staying out in the suburbs, which has a very different feel than the city center. It feels much like suburbs anywhere. Not exactly a place I would want to live, but I'm happy to call it home for a couple of days.


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