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2 JUL - Johannesburg, South Africa

Date received: Sun Jul 01 2001, 04:42 PM PDT

I am being lavished in hospitality. I spent the first couple of days staying with my friends Damian and Karen, who invited me to crash out at their place. Not only did they provide a bed, but also computer access, phone use, food, and even transportation! They had to move out of their place on Saturday, so I was all ready to find a hostel, but then their friends, who are hosting Damian and Karen for the next couple of weeks until they move to London, extended the offer to me!

So now I am staying with Martin and Sharon and their daughters Cayley and Blaire in a different suburb in Johannesburg. I have been treated so well, I can hardly believe it. I have my own room in a cottage, I've been fed, given unlimited beer, and been driven around town! At this rate, I'll never want to leave.

I've been doing some investigation on motorcycles, and although the availability of bikes is fairly good, it seems that shipping costs and times will be prohibitive. I am going to make some more calls on Monday, but the current plan is to try and fly standby on Tues, and if I don't make that, take a confirmed flight on Thursday to Cairo.


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